Dark     Night,Bright  Light.  Little 
 Soot-Cat  Hiding From The  Ion  Plume. 
 A  GrungyTeenager,With   Soot  Smeared 
 AcrossHer Eyes,  Under  The  Shadow  
 Of What   They   Call  TheSpaceship. 
 A  Secret  Ordinance  Aimed At  The Sky, 
 Fuel  Still  Being Synthesized  Offsite. 
 She'S     A     Sentinel.         
 She  Thinks:    Soon  We   Will  Create 
 Cavities   Within  The   Satellite. 
 The  Spaceship  Morphs  Ever So  Slowly, 
 Casting And Recasting  Shadows As Big As 
 Entire  Districts.  But  Currently,  She 
 Would Be In The Open, If Not  For Hiding 
 In A  Hollowed   Out  Delivery  Truck. 
 Spaceship   Hovering,   Ion Exhaust,  
 Spore      Exhaust,   An   Otherworldly 
 Snowstorm  Of  Alien  Dandruff  (And The 
 Air   Perpetually  Compromised,   Making 
 Them  Breathe  In  All  Sorts  Of   Nice 
 Things   Leading   To   All   Sorts   Of 
 Reasonable                       States)