[] dark drink []            
        [] "devil's coffee" []        
        [] poison-class drink []        
              [] brewed []              
 the devil's  coffee  is a  coffee that's 
        been replenished by devils.       
 there  are many ways to accomplish this, 
 but the surest way is  to leave the brew 
 in  a glass pot that's  exposed sto  sun 
 over a day,  evening, night and morning. 
 the  stray  devils  in the  coffee  will 
 thus  get  the  energy   they   need  to 
 multiply, and  will slowly take over the 
                whole pot.                
 effects  will  vary  depending  on   the 
 drinking  body   and  what  devils  were 
 present in  the time and  place, ranging 
 from   a  slight   tinge   of   mistrust 
   (common) to complete bodily collapse   
  a decreased caffeine effectiveness have 
              been reported.