{roe} deer           
 [picture of  a deer head,  in  a garland 
         woven of various grasses.        
 the  deer has a  crown of  rowan, and is 
         looking at the viewer.]          
 in the north, the  deer is often used as 
 a  symbol  for  the  forest's agency, or 
    its self-knowledge. watching eyes.    
 warmer regions  instead ascribe  it  the 
 knife  (teeth, rumors of  violence),  or 
    obsession (unblinking eyes, always    
      awake, scrapie-like behavior).      
 the deer is a cross between a horse  and 
 a  dog. it  bears  a  resemblance  to  a 
 young   salix   tree,    and    has    a 
     sweet-smelling nose, like honey.     
 the horns of  a deer  is called antlers. 
 they  have a  complex fractal shape, and 
 are  believed  to  enable  the  deer  to 
 "fold"  through passages which should be 
 too  narrow for them.  antlers from dead 
 deer   seem   to   lose   this    power. 
 a  deer's heart has two chambers,  where 
 it stores all  the secrets it might  see 
 during the  course of  it's  life.  with 
 age  the  secrets  will  harden  into  a 
    caramellized structure, which will    
 eventually block the  flow of blood, and 
              kill the deer.              
 [picture of a  deer  head.  from the far 
 side,   looking   the  other  way.   its 
          antlers are bloodied.]