{Roe} Deer           
 [Picture Of A Deer  Head,  In A  Garland 
        Woven Of Various Grasses.         
 The  Deer Has A  Crown Of Rowan, And  Is 
         Looking At The Viewer.]          
 In The North, The Deer Is  Often Used As 
 A Symbol  For  The  Forest'S Agency,  Or 
    Its Self-Knowledge. Watching Eyes.    
 Warmer Regions  Instead  Ascribe  It The 
 Knife  (Teeth, Rumors Of  Violence),  Or 
    Obsession (Unblinking Eyes, Always    
      Awake, Scrapie-Like Behavior).      
 The Deer Is A Cross Between A  Horse And 
 A  Dog.  It  Bears  A  Resemblance To  A 
 Young    Salix    Tree,   And    Has   A 
     Sweet-Smelling Nose, Like Honey.     
 The  Horns Of  A Deer Is Called Antlers. 
 They  Have A Complex Fractal  Shape, And 
 Are  Believed  To  Enable  The  Deer  To 
 "Fold" Through Passages Which Should  Be 
 Too Narrow  For  Them. Antlers From Dead 
 Deer   Seem   To   Lose   This    Power. 
 A  Deer'S Heart Has Two  Chambers, Where 
 It Stores  All The Secrets It  Might See 
 During  The  Course Of  It'S Life.  With 
 Age  The  Secrets  Will  Harden  Into  A 
    Caramellized Structure, Which Will    
 Eventually Block The  Flow Of Blood, And 
              Kill The Deer.              
 [Picture Of  A  Deer Head. From  The Far 
 Side,   Looking   The  Other   Way.  Its 
          Antlers Are Bloodied.]