digital, the digital,  to become digital 
    ancient (mesopothamia) knot made of   
   symbols. the english translation is    
    "through numbers". you can use this   
  machine to remember, predict, or hide.  
   though it might look like witchcraft,  
  the gifted can turn analog signals into 
   digital - the analog is in itself a    
  representation of the world inside the  
   world, which is further encoded into   
  digital (encoded in the literal sense;  
  the numbers are symbols who carry the   
  meaning semantically and not in their   
 shape (analog beings are the opposite.)) 
     various schemes exist for how to     
   interpret and work further with these  
   symbols (such as wav, jpg, nfo, diz,   
  vor, hyp, mkv). getting familiar with   
  these is a good start on your journey,  
     although even a wizard might only    
   really know two or three in their    
  some pitfalls include that even if you  
      can encode the digital symbols      
  themselves as digital, somehow it must  
   terminate in the analog; if knowledge  
  is lost, you can have symbols with no   
   route to their original meaning, and   
  that with the right spells and methods  
  you can use digital representation for  
   analysis (must be combatted at every