Chip Music Thing          
           Nintendo Game Boy            
          Dmg one          
  Dreamy Little Box From Nineteen Eighty  
    Nine, Shipped Here From Japan And     
      Forgotten In The Garage, Given      
  Harnesses And Reins By Kotlinski Et Al  
  It'S About Opening The Pandoras box Of  
 Chiptunes, Making It Avaliable To Those  
  With A Garage And An Older Sibling, Or  
   Knew Where To Temporarily Get Hold Of  
               Such Things                
   With Two Sirens, One Shapeshifter And  
  One Cat'S Hiss, It'S A Cunning Ensemble 
  You Can Mold Into Images Of Flowers And 
  Mountains Alike, Capable Of Being Both  
            Cute And Viscious.            
   It'S Capable Of Taking You To Weird    
 Places, And It Will Be A Great Power To  
   You. But There Are Others Who Might    
  Urge You Or Nudge You Into Doing Their  
   Bidding. You Must Look Into Your Own   
  Heart, And Only Have The Gameboy Sing   
      The Sounds Of Your Own Secret