waters from           
            the     skies           
   rain offeres several advantages over   
            ordinary weather:             
        there are beautiful sounds        
          the air feels cleaner           
          the temperature drops           
 there are fewer people  going outside so 
 you  can  more or  less  drink in public 
 plants   get   that   water  they  crave 
            insects hide away             
 you  can use  umbrellas without  looking 
            like a weird person           
 any  underground    water  reserves  are 
 the  water  in  the  lake or  sea  feels 
 warmer  in  comparison,  so   its  nicer 
              going swimming              
    after dark, streetlights will make    
     groovy reflection in the asphalt     
 any  potential  pets  will  come  inside