african dream root            
 this   one  is  for  ~get   the  dreams~ 
 eat   him   daily   for   six-ish   days 
        prepare      like      so       
 grate the root on a grater,  to  a  nice 
 powder,  and mix  the  powder with water 
 then you  need  to whip it into a foam 
 and   then,   you   eat,    the    foam. 
 you will  get  longer  dreams,  and more 
     lucid dreams, it will accelerate     
           throughout the week.           
 after six-ish  days,  you must stop  the 
 eating   of   foam.  the   dreams   will 
        continue for another week.        
 if you do not stop,  the dreams will not 
 stop. they will take over. you  will not 
                 be well.