the feral dream             
  event: ingestion of three hundred     
  and sixty micrograms of selatenine    
     a gentle transformation occurs.      
   first, just an isolated prick in the   
 fingers, which could be nothing. except  
   there is a tension that wasn't there   
    joy as a television static spreads    
  slowly up the arms. (old limbs falling  
        asleep for the last time.)        
   next is a private moment, and we must  
   look away for a bit. but whatever's    
    happening doesn't sound unpleasant.   
   short breath, moans, bones breaking,   
  maybe; but these are raptorous things,  
          they are exultations.           
  for a split second, the room is devoid  
    of life. but then, the evening sun    
  finds something new on the floor. in a  
   pool of primordial water, a shivering  
       fourlegger opens their eyes.       
    there is a second blooming, and a     
    third, and a fourth. struggling to    
   rise, finding the unexpected strength  
 of the new body, falling headfirst into  
                new urges.                
  escaping through the glassless window.  
      outside, the world is waiting.