Ok   A   Fern  Is  An  Obvious   Fractal 
 Ferns Are The  Rests Of An Ancient Plant 
 Empire Spanning The Entire Earth, Taking 
 On   The  Roles   Now  Given  To  Grass, 
        BushEs, TreeS And FlowerS.        
 Twelve Thousand  Speices  Are  Left  And 
 They  Live  In  Tropical Mountains  High 
 Above The  Rest Of The World. Some Float 
                 On Water.                
 The Difference Between A Fern And A Moss 
 Is That  The  Fern  Can  Transfer  Water 
 Within  Itself.  The  Moss  Has  To  Use 
          External Water Transfer         
          Pteridium Aquilinum           
 Called Eagle  Fern  Or  Bracken Or Eagle 
 Bracken.  It  Lives  In  Colonies  Where 
 Every Individual  Might  Look  Very Much 
 Alike,  But   They  Each   Have   Unique 
 Proportions   (Which  Can  Be  Hard   To 
 Spot). This Makes  Them Perfect Antennae 
 A  Bit  Scary,  Especially After  You'Ve 
            Had A Few Drinks.             
 If  You Eat Them You  Get Sick. In Fact, 
 Other Plants  In The  Vicinity Get  Sick 
 As Well. So  There  Is  Always Reception 
          Botrypus Virginianus          
 Small,  No  Higher  Then Third  A Meter. 
      Contains Mistletoe Dna In Its       
   Mitrochondria. It'S Not Moonwort. But  
               It Could Be.               
          That Other Nice One           
 Hold On I'M  Trying  To  Find  The  Name 
 "Ferns   Are   Not  Of   Major  Economic 
          Importance" - Wikiped