two forces                            
   so there are two forces of nature to   
  speak of: one is some kind of disgust,  
    if i think allright, there's cats     
    outside who wants to come inside,     
 that's cool, but what if they were rats? 
  and suddenly it's gross, and the rats   
    are unavoidable, and everything is    
    dirty and oily and intrusive, it's    
 dark, gloomy and filthy and purposeless, 
   and in a way everything is just big    
  joke, there's no end in sight, it just  
  goes on forever and we've always been   
    here and the grime is everywhere.     
    the other force is this belonging,    
     connecting, finding a fox in the     
  supposedly closed down mystery zones,   
  and the feeling is that everything is   
  not a joke but a plot, a conspiracy in  
     your favour, and we're gonna live    
     forever, we've always been here,     
  everything fits together, nothing's a   
  problem, everything's ok and forgiven   
    and exactly as it's supposed to be.