music, as  we  know it, is  a  sound. or 
 actually,  since   this   is   a  stereo 
        broadcast, it's two sounds.       
 there  is  a  sound,  for each  ear, two 
 sounds  combined  into one. one for each 
 ear, your brain, will take care of that. 
 if  you  listen  through  speakers,  the 
 sounds  will  intermingle  in  the  air, 
  they will cross-pollinate around you,   
 become something  else. we can't be held 
         responsible for that :)          
 but in the beginning, on  our end, there 
 are two signals, a  left soundwave and a 
             right soundwave.             
 and  when we  slow it  down...  you  can 
  hear the creatures beneath, inbetween   
                the waves.                
 its  like  with  the ocean... there  are 
 waves,  on  top.  but  underneath, there 
 are  kilometers  of  water, deep  water, 
                dark water.               
 and in  these  slow  and  heavy  waters, 
 there  are  other  things,  other living 
 things.  they say they  are slower  than 
                the stars,                
 that  the pressure  is  so  great,  they 
 might even  be  older....  they are,  in 
          any case, audible....           
 well, whatever,  thanks for  tuning  in! 
 radio  free  gigahertz  is  free  as  in 
 speech, not  as in beer. it's  nice that 
 you've  been able  to find us, since  we 
                by design                 
 keep  no  permanent medium or  location. 
 they dont  really like us,  they'll find 
 us   too  easily  if   we  stand  still. 
 we've taken our time, tried to  find our 
 shape, there  has  been  a lot  of trial 
                and error,                
 and also a physical  venturing  into the 
 dark,  to  find the  gigahertz,  and  to 
                free them.                
 at the end  of the day, we are  thankful 
 that you are  able to  join  us tonight. 
 you  are  welcome to  try again  another 
           night, but know that           
 we cannot  keep  a channel open  for too 
 long. we  will be  out there though, and 
 we pray  that you'll find us  again.  if 
                  we both                 
 reach   out,   it   might   happen.   im 
 adressing all  of  you  personally right 
    anyway, i personally believe there    
   might be something, some underlying    
 force  connecting  us...  and  it  might 
                 very well                
 choose  to do so, again, in  the future. 
 until then -- keep on  diggin.      keep 
           on doing what you do.