shapeshifter by physical introspection, 
 by  building  clay  figures  and  seeing 
       oneself in them. as follows:       
 wolverine    ratlike, blood-seeping,  
     freaky, perhaps too cool, 
     too sovereign.  
 raccoon    virus bearer. rabies.  
     handed. perhaps too cute. 
 rat    critter, beneath-dweller, 
     the most ratlike by  
     virtue of being one.  
     whatever that is.  
 armadillo    little armored one.  
     doesn't look dangerous,  
     a bit pathetic maybe.  
 cat    too noble.  
 fox    too playful.  
 wolf    the wolf is not a  
      real creature 
 magpie    if it's broken-winged.... 
     good temperament. but,  
     too free.