the dam outside veszelle.        
       the hydroplant                   
 it's all - it's all about circles, about 
 toruses  ("donuts"), it's about spinning 
 very  fast and  then inviting  a spiral. 
 a ring, like  a  halo, surrounds  me. my 
 badge  as  plant  supervisor. grants  me 
 powers.  lights  me  up  in  the  subtle 
 silver-blue    color   of   the   plant. 
 the plant lures  the mist from atop  the 
 dark  sea water.  it's  siphoned  inside 
 the great mechanism.                     
 there's internal  workers there, capable 
 of    surviving   turbine    conditions. 
 they're    escaped     and    reeducated 
 liquid glass   cats,   always   carfully 
 adjusting the mirrors inside the  torus, 
 absorbing  and  emanating  various  mist 
 wavelengths,  feeling  for  other things 
 in the mist.                             
 water  spirits  are  separated,   pushed 
 into  the center funnel, into  the sharp 
 prism   at   its   bottom.their   voices 
 combine  each  night  into  a  wonderful 
 chorus    as    they    are   refracted. 
 the dam.  the hydroplant  at the edge of 
 the sea. we  power our little  pets with 
 this energy.