H        O         U         S         E 
 I  Mean Like, You Live In  It  An  Shit, 
         And You Get To Decorate          
 Or Maybe (Imean Uuuuuh It )Might Be Some 
 One Elses House... A House Is A Building 
 You Sleep In? Or Some Person Sleeps  In? 
            It'S A House If You           
              Rent It               
               Own It               
          Like The Colour           
         Have A Pet In There        
            Dream Of It             
       Have A Relation To It        
        Like The Taste Of It        
         Have Friends There         
          Know It By Heart          
             Made It Up             
           Do Drugs There           
             Died There             
 ...  And  If  It'S Also Where  You Sleep 
 If It'S  A Place  Where  You Wake  Up At 
 Night  But  Not  In  The  Morning We Can 
     Discuss It, Call My Phone number     
 It  Could  Also Be Something  You  Build 
 Out   Of  Rocks  And  Fabric   For  Your 
    Unanimate Anthro Companion Animal