jwh zero eighteen (cannabinoid drug)     
 third report                             
 i   felt    the   all    too    familiar 
      constriction of everything, the     
 vividness  of sound and colors,  and the 
         narrowed attention span.         
 here     it     comes,     i    thought. 
 some   birds  tweeted  and   the   sound 
    reverberated in my head, seemingly    
 "behind" all other sound, like when  you 
 daydream   and  see   what  you  imagine 
 clearer   than   what   you   look   at. 
 as  i walked  toward my  bike i  noticed 
 that there was a  strange  humming sound 
 going on, a  dark, metallic,  drone-like 
   monotone thing coming from seemingly   
 all  directions,  acting  as  a backdrop 
           for all other sound.           
 as i rode  toward my house  i understood 
 that  this hum  was in  the other "sound 
              space" as well.             
 (i recorded myself singing in  tune with 
 the  sound, so i could  find  it  on the 
 piano  later.  it   was   a   g  sharp). 
 things  lost  all  sense  of proportion; 
 when  i looked at them they  would  fill 
 my entire vision,  and  without anything 
  changing visually they would oscillate  
 between being percieved  as  very  small 
            or enourmously big.           
 in  the middle of  the  day  in a forest 
 with  nobody  around, i  got  struck  by 
 fear  and  climbed  a  great  height. my 
 inner  organs were  tugged by  a  second 
 gravity.  this  made me feel  very  ill, 
 but  it  lessened   if  i  complied  and 
 lunged  my body in the  felt  direction. 
 this  is   when  i  found   a   dark orb