ketamine, ket, "horse tranquilizer"    
 still unknown to me, other  than through 
   dreams*. apparently made for making    
 holes. they may  be dark and monochrome. 
              they may not.               
 white  powder,  dosed  by  way  of  key? 
 *a  red  cylinder,  wide  as  a  finger. 
      glossy freckled ceramics, with      
     something organic inside, being      
 corrupted before your eyes  - turning to 
 ash, but there's  no flame. you hold  it 
 up  to  your  nose, suck  it  in  with a 
 sharp  inhale.  exit   to  the  balcony. 
 here  on the  fifth  floor, with  a view 
 over  the  parking   lot,  things  start 
      folding into each other, like       
  collapsing a cardboard box. dimensions  
   becoming flat and adjacent. pressed    
 into  each  other. creases are flattened 
 out,  distances dissapear, the world  is 
 mangled  down  to  two  dimensions.  and 
 suddenly  light  falls  on the  edge  of 
 everything  rather than the  surface: it 
        all goes completely dark.