kirs fields            
 kirs  kale is  a medium-sized  (five  to 
   fifteen centimeters high) green plant  
 which  is very nice and  we all  love it 
 it  grows on the  side  of  the  path or 
 road,  very  resilient, comes back every 
 year  but maybe a little  more of it, if 
 the snails dont get  it first. nice  for 
   bugs, webs, there's shade underneath,  
 can  take  over  a   little  if  there's 
 room---  you  get kirs fields, kirs kale 
 fields... usually not  for long, maybe a 
              season or two.              
 they  are  edible  raw,  you  can  crawl 
 around in the field and  take a bite now 
 and then.  but watch out, there might be 
 dirt   or    a    bug   on   the   leaf! 
 a little  like  the  antenna  plant  but 
      without the reception, you know