Pittsburgh Electronics        
                Sv One                
 This Is  A Eurorack Module But  I Bought 
 The  Blackbox  One  So  It'S  Also  Not. 
 It  Ships  With  Too Few  Patch  Cables. 
           Midi To Cv Converter           
                 Two Vco'S                
 Four Channel Or Two X  Two Channel Mixer 
       Two Sub Oscillators I Think        
         Two One To Two Splitters         
          White Noise Generator           
             Sample And Hold              
          Lfo Plus A Digital Lfo          
   Filter (Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass)   
              Adsr Envelope               
                  One Vca                 
              Headphone Amp               
         Fourty Nine Patchpoints!         
            So What Now             
 Clock Io  Goes  To Asdr  In  I Think And 
 Maybe  Also To The Sample And  Hold. Put 
 Subbase  And Noise In Channel Three  And 
 Four.  Oscillator  One  Saw  To  Channel 
 Two,  And  Oscillator Two Saw To Channel 
 One.   Sample  And   Hold   Out  To  The 
  Filter... Maybe... Resonance At Half.   
 Some  Frequency In  The First Oscillator 
 And Then The  Second  Osc Four Semitones 
           Desktop Synth