A  String Of  Pearls,  Like A  Necklace. 
   Glowing In Offensive Colors. Luring.   
 A Few  Ways To Get Betrayed: Being  Sold 
 Broken Items Or  Mimicry, Being Recorded 
 (For  What Purpose?), Being  Ascribed  A 
 Negative  Value And  Getting Kicked Out, 
   Or Beaten, Getting Requisitioned To    
 Operate  Some  Facet Of The  Body (Being 
 Cared  For  Enough  To  Fear  Losing Its 
 Favor, Yet  Not  Enough To  Meaningfully 
 Evokes The  Sense Of  Scavenging, But It 
 Is A Projection And A Mirage  - It'S All 
  Controlled And Coreographed, Presented  
 Like  A  Gift,  A  Reward  For  Nothing. 
         For Being So Beautiful.          
 With That In  Mind, Is  There A  Choice? 
 It'S  Easy To Grow  Lazy With  Its Ease, 
 And Leave  Your Network Of Minor Streams 
 And Animal PoolS In  Dissaray,  And With 
 The Waning Of  Your  Secret  Wells, Your 
 Depencence  On   The  Mall  Will   Grow.