The    Train   Is   A    Dashing   Arrow 
 Over              The               Sea. 
 Look    Closer   -   It'S   Not   Water. 
 The Lowland Which Was  Once  The Midriff 
 Of  Sweden.  The  Salt  Flats  Span  For 
 Hundreds Of Miles.  From  A Narrow  Line 
 Of Hills The  Train Lowers  Itself  Onto 
 The Crystals And Shoots  North,  Like  A 
 Syringe       Into       A       Baloon. 
 They  Call  It The  "Mandelbrot Crater", 
 And It Is The Rest Of A Mining Disaster. 
 Sun  Hits  The Four-Railed  Track, As It 
 Fractures Into  Villages Or  Past  Them. 
 The  People  Here  Are  Pale But  Crisp, 
 Reflections   Of   Some    Other   World 
 They Always Seem A Bit Annoyed  That You 
 Are   Manifesting   Them  Into  Physical 
 Form. Like  If  You  Weren'T  Here, They 
 Would  Be  Nothing  More  Than  The  Sun 
 Against           The           Platform