the   train    is    a   dashing   arrow 
 over               the              sea. 
 look   closer   -    it's   not   water. 
 the  lowland which was  once the midriff 
 of  sweden.  the  salt  flats  span  for 
 hundreds  of miles.  from  a narrow line 
 of hills  the  train  lowers itself onto 
 the crystals  and  shoots north,  like a 
 syringe       into       a       baloon. 
 they call  it the  "mandelbrot  crater", 
 and it is the rest of a mining disaster. 
 sun hits  the four-railed  track,  as it 
 fractures  into villages  or  past them. 
 the  people  here  are pale  but  crisp, 
 reflections   of    some   other   world 
 they always seem a bit  annoyed that you 
 are   manifesting  them   into  physical 
 form. like if  you  weren't  here,  they 
 would  be  nothing  more  than  the  sun 
 against           the           platform