tape zooms by here (downward)    z 
      v first comes the erase head 
      creates a weirding field   
       which destroys information 
      by homogenizing it         
      | (if awakened)              
     second lies the play head  
    kind of like a psychic     
    caught in a bottle -       
    can read whats in the tape 
    | without touching           
     third one... worst of the  
    fields... the record head! 
   | actual mind control shit   
   v going on. watch out!       
     she tickles!               
 the  record head  works  in tandem  with 
 the  erase head  (the  brainwash   works 
 best  if  the  mind  is  already empty) 
 i  usually  detooth  my  head  arrays by 
 removin  the  eraser.  this  creates   a 
 different  (softer)   beast  (you  might 
 recognize    the    tape canon    sound)