Tape Zooms By Here (Downward)    Z 
      V First Comes The Erase head 
      Creates A Weirding Field   
       Which Destroys Information 
      By Homogenizing It         
      | (If Awakened)              
     Second Lies The Play head  
    Kind Of Like A Psychic     
    Caught In A Bottle -       
    Can Read Whats In The Tape 
    | Without Touching           
     Third One... Worst Of The  
    Fields... The Record head! 
   | Actual Mind control Shit   
   V Going On. Watch Out!       
     She Tickles!               
 The  Record head  Works  In Tandem  With 
 The  Erase head  (The  Brainwash   Works 
 Best  If The  Mind  Is  Already  Empty) 
 I  Usually  Detooth  My  Head  Arrays By 
 Removin  The  Eraser.  This  Creates   A 
 Different  (Softer)  Beast  (You   Might 
 Recognize    The    Tape canon    Sound)