nothing is harmless            
 a dream is around you,  but also  inside 
 you,  and  usually  you  don't leave the 
              familiar modes.             
      sometimes you are careless, but     
 sometimes the  nightmare  comes  to you. 
 it may shock  you. it may  lure you  in. 
 even if  you  are  afraid,  it's  likely 
      you're just dreaming normally.      
 a nightmare sinks it's  teeth in you.  a 
      nightmare follows you back up.      
         waking is not escaping.          
 it  dissolves or  it lingers.  maybe  it 
          crawls away and hides.          
 or it could be a parasite that  has been 
 growing inside you,  graceful enough not 
                 to kill.