The Truth About            
        Bennys Nuggets        
 It'S A Well  Guarded  Secret,  But  It'S 
 Time  For  The  World To  Know.  How  It 
                Really Is.                
 When You Go  To A Fancy  Restaurant, And 
 Order  The Expensive Nuggets,  And  When 
 You  Go  To  The  Mc donalds  And  Order 
    Quicknuggets For Cheap Dollars...     
     Nani????? Aren'T They Similar???     
            A Shocking Reveal:            
         Nuggets  Is  The Same        
    What   I   Mean  By  That  Is   
 All Nuggets Are Made By The Same Company 
 A Global  Commitment  From  Sweden,  The 
 Company "Bennys Nuggets" Are Serving All 
 The  Nuggets.  This   Is   Their  Origin 
 And This Program Is Structured; There Is 
 Something  Else,  It'S  Not   Just  Food 
 Inside  Bennys Nuggets. There  Are Other 
 If  You Think  About  "Mental  Control", 
       It'S Not An Improper Thought