The Ocean 
 LivingGhostOfThePrimordial soup 
 Wavering Just Out Of Sight               
                             Just Outside 
 The Termination shock Of Perception,     
 A Roaring Depth Reduced To A Gentle      
 Swell Upon The Minds Coast,              
 Invisible Laps, Claiming You,            
                 Not Reaching.            
 But The Body Has Limits, The Barrier Is  
 Impermanent, And Exhaustion Unlocks It.  
 With Closed Eyes And A Fractured Self,   
 The Shooting Star On It'S Way To The     
 Dark lake,                               
 You Can Hear The Waves As They Speak.    
 Sometimes They'Re People,                
 Sometimes There'S Birds,                 
 But There'S Always A Warm Alien Embrace. 
 And This Time They Hit Shore.