intrinsically weaved within the space  
 between what  the brain  constructs  and 
 the real,  the space  which  we  usually 
       call the aether, distortions,      
       anomalies, can appear under        
  circumstances, peculiar ones, folded in 
 like  liquid  crystals,  appearing as if 
 you  suddenly rotate your head  in  some 
 fourth dimension (usually more  or  less 
 the  opposer looks like a concave square 
 balancing   on  a  corner,  with   round 
 cutouts along  its  edges making it look 
 like a pointy cross,  or something  from 
 it's hostile,  maybe  not  conscious but 
    active, perceiving, alive in some     
 sense. but i feel  as if that might be a 
   reduction, that i'm interpreting the   
 tip  of something  much larger and alien 
 to   me.  maybe  not  alive,  then,  but 
             something worse.             
         various forms like these         
                 it morphs                
   it appears in it's truest false form   
  inscribed all over your vision, in the  
 case of nightmares, evil meditation, or  
    drug-induced transcendental states.   
  living behind the curtain, so to speak, 
 in the liquid between you and the world  
                you're in.                
   but even in calmer times, it's never   
  too far away, and you can find yourself 
    transfixed by floor tiles, jewelry    
    (totems? charms?), trees, and other   
              such things...