The Phosphor  A Dark, Wet,     
    Reality check  Concrete         
          System:  Building, A Damp 
        Improving  Smell -          
     Accuracy And  Something Is     
    Efficiency In  Growing Here.    
  Law enforcement  Algae? Those     
                   Inhabiting The   
                   Labyrinth Care   
                   Not So Much      
                   About The        
                   Side Of Things.  
 So, A Green Tint Then, On The  Walls And 
 Floors.  That'S  Fine,  There'S  A  Much 
 More  Important  Color  -  The   Crimson 
 Fire. Hidden Away,  Deep In Bureaucratic 
 And  Architectural Mazes  Both, The Only 
 Place  Where  They Dare Set  It  Ablaze, 
 And  Thus  Where  They  Need  To  Go  To 
 Utilize            The            Flame. 
 A Thought, A Face, A Flicker In  The Red 
 Fire.   Another  Thought,  The  Presumed 
 Contact,  Another Shiver  In  The Light. 
 Then,  The Interrogator  Imagining Their 
 Meeting,  Talking   Perhaps,  Exchanging 
 Notes. The  Fire Is Still. No Resonance.