Rituals For Computer Operation           
 The  Computer Is A  Very Common  Tool In 
 The Futures, And In Some  Ways Even Now. 
 Its Job Is To  Do Vast Amounts Of  Small 
 Calculations In A  Short Amount Of Time. 
 Most Work  On The Principles  Of  Posing 
 The Problem  On  A  Hilbert Plane, Which 
 Is  Then  Folded  Out  Of Causality,  So 
 That  Daemons  Can   Solve  The  Problem 
    Without Affecting Real Life. (These   
 Daemons  Are  Under  Contract  With  The 
          Computer Manufacturer.)         
   It'S Commonplace For Programmers And   
 Clerks To  Pray To The "Gods"  Of  Their 
 Computer, Or  To The Daemons  Doing  The 
 Work,  For   A  Quick  And   Fault  Free 
       Some Ubiquitous And Generally      
    Non-Controversial Rituals Include:    
       Light A Scented Candle       
         For Quiet And Calm         
      Recite A Mantra Or Other      
     Reassuring Message To Make     
      The Computer Comfortable      
            And At Ease             
      Some Like To Say A Brief      
      Prayer For Solace, To Be      
    Left Alone During Their Work    
     Offer A Cup Of Steaming Tea    
      Or A Meal To The Machines     
      (Sometimes, By Fey Rules,     
       The Daemons Are Allowed      
        To Respond To This)         
 Would    You    Consider    Code    Golf 
 To    Be     A     Kind    Of    Prayer? 
 As   In,   You   Make   A    Convoluted, 
 Intricate,    Beautiful,   And   Useless 
 Artifact.  As  In,  You'Re   Using  Your 
 Skills    To    Ask    For    Something, 
 ...I'D  Ask  For   A  Handful  Of  Bugs? 
 Code    Has    Bugs,   Lots    Of    It.