ways  to  reach             
           alternative  states           
                of  mind                 
    not eating                      
 if im not eating for a long time (like   
 a day) i get light headed and dumb, but  
 in a speedy glitchy way                  
    not sleeping                    
 if i dont get any sleep i become very    
 very slow and sad                        
    waking up early in the morning  
 this makes me very dreamy in that i      
 daydream vividly and erratically, also   
 i feel generally kind of okay :)         
    getting rid of pain             
 if i am in pain and then suddenly not,   
 i feel very soothed and sleepy in a      
 non-intrusive way.                       
    working out                     
 makes me silent and dreamy and..         
 grateful? slows my breathing and brings  
 a smile.