Ways  To  Reach             
           Alternative  States           
                 Of  Mind                
    Not Eating                      
 If Im Not Eating For A Long Time (Like   
 A Day) I Get Light Headed And Dumb, But  
 In A Speedy GlitchY Way                  
    Not Sleeping                    
 If I Dont Get Any Sleep I Become Very    
 Very Slow And Sad                        
    Waking Up Early In The Morning  
 This Makes Me Very DreamY In That I      
 Daydream Vividly And Erratically, Also   
 I Feel Generally Kind Of Okay :)         
    Getting Rid Of Pain             
 If I Am In Pain And Then Suddenly Not,   
 I Feel Very Soothed And Sleepy In A      
 Non-Intrusive Way.                       
    Working Out                     
 Makes Me Silent And Dreamy And..         
 Grateful? Slows My Breathing And Brings  
 A Smile.