i fall  asleep in the  wrong  throat and 
 is not  so much dreaming as being forced 
         to imagine a scenario...         
            big halls, arcades,           
         filled with characters.          
 i get instructions for them, for  what i 
 must imagine them  doing or saying. they 
 have some  agency,  but  not  while  i'm 
   looking. the instructions are beamed   
 into  my  mind,  spoken  from  a god, or 
              false demiurge.             
 sometimes i'm too slow and fail to  make 
 them  do  what  i'm   instructed  before 
 time's out, and then  they get punished. 
 one  of  them  got his vocabulary shrunk 
 down to only  the word he failed to  say 
     (roofs? rufus?), many were just      
            physically maimed.            
 it   all   was   very   stressful    and 
 repulsive. it  felt like a nightmare, or 
               fever dream.               
 i   haven't   tried   to   sleep   since