Always Tears  In My Eyes When Using  The 
 I  Don'T Think  It'S Hormonal  Overload. 
 There'S  No  Grief Or  Joy  As My  Water 
 Rolls Down  My  Face.  I Notice  Nothing 
 Until My Chin Is  Wet. Wipe  It Off With 
 The Back  Of My Hand. But I Usually Keep 
            Crying For A While.           
 I  Theorize  Some  Kind Of Resonance  In 
   The Neural Interface; Some Saturation  
 Signal Being  Tripped? The Connection Is 
        Imperfect And Often Induces       
  Single-Sense Hallucinations. Acute But  
 Hollow  Hunger.  Sand  Grains  Under  My 
  Fingertips. Strange Tastes And Scents.  
 And  I  Mean,  Maybe  It  Isn'T  To  Far 
 Fetched  That Something  Like  That  Can 
  Cause Autonomous Reactions? Dry Mouth.  
     Finger Spasms. Opened Tear Ducts.