always  tears in  my eyes when using the 
 i  don't  think it's  hormonal overload. 
 there's  no  grief or joy  as  my  water 
 rolls  down  my face. i  notice  nothing 
 until my chin is  wet.  wipe it off with 
 the back of my hand. but  i usually keep 
           crying for a while.            
 i  theorize  some kind of  resonance  in 
  the neural interface; some saturation   
 signal being  tripped? the connection is 
        imperfect and often induces       
  single-sense hallucinations. acute but  
 hollow  hunger.  sand  grains  under  my 
  fingertips. strange tastes and scents.  
 and  i  mean,  maybe  it  isn't  to  far 
 fetched  that something  like  that  can 
  cause autonomous reactions? dry mouth.  
     finger spasms. opened tear ducts.