Party,  Bathroom,  Door  Locked,  Lights 
 Off, Shower Curtains  Drawn. Floor  Full 
 Of Dirty Clothes, Of  Garbage,  And As I 
 Start  To Unzip My Pants,  She Steps Out 
 Of   The  Shower   And   Pushes  Me   To 
 I   Wish   To   Be  Contacted  By   Some 
 [God, Alien] Who  Would Bestow  Upon  Me 
 Some  Incredible  Power  That  Will  Set 
 Everything Right  Forever.  What I Don'T 
 Know  Is   That  This  Happens  Multiple 
 Times  Per  Second  - They Ask Me: "When 
 You Said  The World egg  Was Your  Ideal 
 Body  Type, Did You Mean  It"?  I Answer 
 "Not  Really, But I Can Act Like It  For 
 You,  If  You'D  Like".  At  This  Point 
 However  They  Have  Already  Erased  My 
 Memory  Of The  Encounter  And Moved On. 
 Subconsciously,   This   Is   Where   My