party,  bathroom,  door  locked,  lights 
 off, shower  curtains drawn. floor  full 
 of  dirty clothes, of garbage, and  as i 
 start to unzip my pants,  she steps  out 
 of   the  shower  and   pushes   me   to 
 i  wish   to  be   contacted   by   some 
 [god,  alien]  who  would bestow upon me 
 some  incredible  power  that  will  set 
 everything  right  forever. what i don't 
 know  is  that   this  happens  multiple 
 times per second  -  they  ask me: "when 
 you  said the world egg  was your  ideal 
 body  type, did you mean it"?  i  answer 
 "not really, but i  can act  like it for 
 you,  if  you'd  like".  at  this  point 
 however  they  have  already  erased  my 
 memory of  the  encounter and moved  on. 
 subconsciously,   this   is   where   my