växjö  station   is  rebuilt,  and   the 
 outdoor  area  now  has  a  roof.   it's 
 placed roughly  four  and a  half meters 
 above   ground,  and  spans  the  entire 
     trainyard, bus landing zone, and     
    surrounding parks. there's aluminum   
    beams going west-east every eight     
 meters  or so, the rest of the structure 
     being made of lightweight bamboo     
 noteworthy  is  the  hundreds  of  fans, 
 there  to clear out  exhaust  fumes from 
 cars  and buses  idling under  the  roof 
   searching for passengers (they would   
 fight to  get a spot  close  to the main 
  building, and advertise some lucrative  
    destination, where they would then    
 actually go, most  of  the  time). since 
       the fans regulate their speed      
     individually depending on their      
 surrounding air quality, sometimes they  
          accidentally harmonize.