view from the tower           
 when i got home from away, climbed  all 
 the  way  to the  top,  and there  was a 
 bird in my room, not too  unreasonable a 
 bird but  still  an  unwelcome guest  at 
 this  hour,  that  had  let himself  in. 
 the window was  open and so  i waved  my 
 arms and he flew out. but  as  soon as i 
       turned around, he was back.       
 i   took   the   jackdaw   by   my  hand 
 threw    it   out    the   window,   and 
       into what i'm shielded from        
    watched him fall and turned around    
     held his gaze throughout the fall    
     in spite he did not move at all      
 i heard the thump as  he hit the ground. 
 my  mother  came running.  "angel!  what 
 did you do?"                             
 don't come  in here,  i  wanted to  say, 
 but she would come anyway and  so i kept 
 it  to   myself.  "are  you   allright?" 
 "i hurt a  bird",  and  i  could see him 
 through the windows, trying to fly  with 
 his  wings somehow  inverted. they would 
 not bear  him,  and he  was  infuriated.