Notable Transmitters           
             Vislanda Mast            
 Can Be Seen From Over  The Lake, Hill Of 
 Animal House, High Up In The Old  Trees. 
 They  Say   It'S   Used  For  Television 
              The Traps               
 Reaches  Into The Clouds Ever  So Often. 
 Follow  The  Concrete  Bridge  With  The 
   Flickering Lights, Cross The Motorway  
          And The Hills. Go East.         
 North  Of   The   Village,   Behind  The 
     Factories. Actually Quite Small.     
 Located At  The Highest Point They Could 
 Find. You  Can See The City  Below,  But 
        Other Things Might Be More        
             LöTtorp Path             
 A  Thin Forest  Protects The Road,  From 
 Desolate Plains  On  The West,  And  The 
     Villages Of The East. Powerlines     
      Interlope. Suddenly, A Grove.