sucking transformer        
 a type  of  transformer  (an  electrical 
  component) found mainly along railway   
  lines. they're usually mounted halfway  
 between   the  rails  and  the  overhead 
 as far  as  transformers  go, these  are 
 very  big.  instead, not  as many  are 
     needed. among all rail-adjacent      
  artifacts/symbols, they belong to the   
                rarer kind.               
 the  railpeople   are  in  general  very 
    secretive about their symbols and     
 machines,   so   also  with   the   this 
 transformer.  what  we know  is  what we 
               can observe.               
 a  sucking transformer  is surrounded by 
 two   signs,  both  around  twenty  four 
 meters to  each side  of it. tranins  do 
 not stop between these signs  during any 
 circumstances   -  if   the  choice   is 
 between halting  within, or running into 
 another train just  outside, they prefer 
 water avoids them.  in  light  rain, the 
 ground  closest to a  transformer  stays 
 dry.  a  common  sight  is  a  creek  or 
   stream making a half-circle detour.    
  generally, sucking transformers are not 
 placed near  to larger  bodies of water. 
 their  function for the rail environment 
 is poorly understood. they seem to  pull 
    in stray fields and electricities.    
     superstition exist that they also    
 affect  spirits, gijinkas, and  even the 
        souls of living creatures.