Mass-Production Treehouse      
   Created In The Twenty Eighties As A    
   Cheap And Open source Way Of Dealing   
   With Constant Floods And A Rising Sea  
  The "House" Would Consist Of A Stack Of 
  Floor Modules, Each A Square Of Thirty  
  Six Square Meters. These Could Be Made  
  Out Of Various Materials Such As Carbon 
   Fiber Or Plastic, Not Necessarily The  
           Same For Each Floor.           
  The House Would Be Hung On A "Mast", A  
   Ridged Metal Pole Extending Between    
  Fifty And A Hundred Meters. A Mechanism 
  Within Each Floor Would Enable Them To  
  Climb Up Or Down The Mast, Together Or  
   The Lowest Floor Would Usually Have A  
  Loading Dock, A Balcony/Front Door, And 
             Various Ladders.             
      Climate  Housing  Modular       
         Suburbs  Open source