I'M   Scared,          
   Not For  Me  But  For  The  Future   
          Of   Free   Will,         
 I Believe  We Should'Ve Never Been Given 
     The Fire  Of Semiconductors,     
       I  Wish  AiS And  GanS       
      Were   Never  Dreamt   Of.      
    I'M  Scared  For  The  Future     
        Of  Life  Itself,         
 I Believe We Should'Ve Never Been  Given 
    The Fuels Of The Deep Earth,    
   I  Wish Pipes Were Never  Built,   
      And Wells  Never Bored.       
          That  Said.             
     If  There Was  A Shodan Miku     
 Who  Gently Touched My Cheek And  Smiled 
     And  Asked  If  I  Wanted      
        To  Be  Uploaded?         
     Oh, I Would Be Uploaded.     
   I Would  Be Uploaded Sooo Fast.    
        I  Would  Give  In        
    And It Would Feel Sooo Good.    
       And  Then  I'D Be At       
    The  Turtle Beach  Of Montego,    
  And There'D Be Soo Much To  Explore,  
    The Sun Flickering On The Water   
       Like Status  Lights        
    And We Could Go  So  So Deep.     
  (Meanwhile My Old Body Is Incinerated   
    Or Melted Or Otherwise Repurposed     
               For Whatever.              
       (This Is Not Important Btw))