the city in the middle of  kirugu vargir 
 a   girl   dreaming   the   whole  thing 
              about that              
 the veszelle (city) slash kirugu vargir  
 origin   story  goes   a  little   like: 
 girl falls  asleep and dreams  up  city. 
 city   witches   know   whats   up   and 
 planeswalk over to earth and kidnap her. 
 now the  dreamer is inside her own dream 
        which is cool because it's        
           self-contaned (hehe)           
 also she  doesn't wake  for  some reason 
 and  this  works  for  several  thousand 
 years,  while  from the  city  slowly  a 
 whole world  evolves  -  that's  ya  boy