the dream                
           of being swallowed           
             by the beast.              
   an animal    as  if    to  be  safe 
 the  dream  of  resting  inside  another 
 animal.    thats    how    it    starts, 
      with     the     dream,       
 but this time  i was curious of where it 
 was                               going, 
 the    first    gate    is   the    lips 
      to   get   at   the   throat.    
 to   be  falling  into  the  water,  the 
 ocean, the void,  but it must be done in 
 the right  way - in a very specific way. 
  it's not a bad feeling, at first. it's  
   slow... graceful... but then it gets   
          too much and you faint.         
  (you will feel very close  
                to nature)                
  (you will feel very close  
     to the beast that is everything)     
    (only through its help)  
  hard to get here without the aid of the 
   beast)  (state where the human is   
      submerged in the animal)       
    (becoming the animal)  (forget     
 everything else)   (my soul is the  
   beast's soul)  (a sludgy sense of   
    satisfaction. it's good)  (it's    
   good)   (breathing heavily)    
       (the two souls will move      
  together)  (merge and dissolve)   
   (collective body)  (rearranged and  
   reordered)  (the individual is not  
              so important)