(Foxes, Stingers, Etc.)         
       A Fox Is A Small       
     Canine, Mostly Found In      
     An Orange-Brown Variety,     
      But Gray Colors Are Also      
   Possible. They Feed Mostly On    
    Small Rodents And Young Birds,    
      But Are Known To Also Eat       
    Much Larger Animals (Deer?) And     
    Mushrooms (Peculiarly, They Are     
      Fond Of Amanita muscaria).      
           Foxes Are Most           
     Well Known For Their Tail,     
     Which Features A Stinger     
        (The Only Such Case       
         In A Mammal!)        
        The Stinger Is        
      Used When Hunting Prey      
    Creatures Much Larger Than    
     The Fox, The Fox Will Bite     
   The Creature On The Head, And    
    Use Its Tail To Penetrate The     
    Skull Of The Prey. The Stinger    
      Will Enter The Neck From The      
       Rear, Depositing The Venom,      
     Filling Up The Mouth And Skull.    
     This Immediately Paralyzes The     
    Prey Creature, Allowing The Fox     
                 To Eat.                
           If A Fox Stings A            
     Human, It'S Usually In A Place     
    Different Than The Neck, And The    
   Main Consequence Is Intense Pain.  
            It Has Been             
    Shown That The Venom Is Also    
    Present In The Bite Of The    
      Fox, But In Very Small