water, basically, in various falling  or 
 hovering forms,  maybe also  when it has 
              landed i guess              
             where does it go             
 as before  stated it happens in  the air 
 until  it  happens  on the  ground or in 
 the  sea   -  the  greater  water  pool. 
 it is  cherished by  the  earth and  the 
 plants who live on it  and in it, as  it 
 is  their   only   source  of  lucidity. 
 without  water,  plants  get  murky  and 
 the  soil  itself  store  water but  not 
 very  good. it  drips  deeper  down into 
 the  cavernous  below, where it may find 
 rest  in  the  lesser  pools that  sleep 
                down there.               
          where does it come from         
 there is this whole  cosmic  thing above 
 and at the end of us, our  planet, a lot 
 of  gases  live   here.  ecosystems  and 
       cloud creatures and what not.      
 these clouds  then, what are  they  made 
 of?  you guessed  it -  abstract  water! 
 while  up  there   it  get  captured  by 
 formless  beings  who  use  it  as their 
 body. for you see, without  these bodies 
 they are as  the  simplest jellyfish and 
    cannot move themselves. clouds are    
 blown around in the  atmosphere  however 
       and the creatures tag along.       
 and  the rain.  the  rain  is  when  the 
 abstract water gets saturated, too  much 
 sun   you  know,  and  gets  solidified, 
 turned  into  real  water. the  freshest 
 kind   is   the  one  from   the  skies. 
 real water is  attracted  to  the  earth 
 and  thus  it  soon  comes  down  to us, 
  covering whatever endeavours we might   
 be  immersed  in in  a  serene  wetness, 
   feeding our souls and surroundings.    
       sometimes they run aground...      
 the clouds, that  is. they can hang very 
 close to us  should they  want  to, keep 
                us inside.