sony wm ex oneseventytwo         
 i  don't   know   much  about  this  one 
 because  i broke  it  instantly.  it's a 
 walkman   anyway,   runs   off   of  the 
     standard two double a batteries.     
 it has a switch for normal  tape  versus 
 copper  oxide /  metal.  it also  has  a 
 switch  for something called  avls  (can 
 be    set    to    norm    or    limit). 
 it has mega bass  (on or off) and  dolby 
 nr (on or off) and two band eq  (i think 
         thats the dolby thing).          
 it  does  have a  speed hole  which  i 
 found out  about by destroying it. like, 
 thats how i found out about speed holes.