wolves  are cool dogs  who roam  in  the 
     forest and other places, hunting     
  together, living in wandering, cashless 
    often called the original solarpunk   
 animal, they're  all about being off the 
 grid, living off the  land, and having a 
 small footprint  (not  at  all  a  small 
 wolves  awoo at  the  moon because  it's 
 the cooler floaty orb i guess, but  also 
 at   each   other   as    a    form   of 
  communication. which begs the question  
 if they're  not communing  with the moon 
 in some  way.  if  there's an  exchange. 
 when  wolves  are not in use they reside 
 in  the wolf pool, from  which  they can 
 be summoned  if  you know  their  names. 
             maned wolf             
 the most wonderful kind of wolf, he  has 
 long  skinny  legs  and  lives  on  wolf 
 fruit. a recluse, yes,  but he will come 
          if offered fatty foods.