Alien  (From  Greek  "Something  Or  The 
 Other") - An Entity Far  Enough  Removed 
 From  You  That  You  Do  Not  Recognize 
             Yourself In It...            
 (This  Is  Not True  By The Way - You'Ll 
     Always Recognize Yourself In It)     
 An Illusion  Or Conspiracy To Remove You 
 From Yourself... On  The  Other Hand,  I 
 Very  Surely  Am The  Outside  Peeking 
 A  Novice   At  Lizardry  Maybe.  But  A 
           Lizard Nonetheless.            
 You Can  Percieve  Yourself (The Entity) 
 As A  Generalized Member Of Your Speices 
             (If You Have One)