a third pocket operator, po sixteen.  
    it's    a    children's    toy,     
    themed   around  the   so-called    
         "bird        factory".         
   the bird factory is a rumored dungeon  
   in the far and cold mountains, where   
  monks, slaves, or children (differing   
    between accounts) are creating the    
           birds of the world.            
  the story goes, that the people of the  
   dungeon would mine for minerals that   
       were spreckled, or otherwise       
   interestingly colored. the minerals    
 would be divided into various sizes and  
        made into egg-like shapes.        
   these eggs would then be placed in a   
 special hatchery, until hatched, and so  
           all birds were born.           
  regarding the little toy machine, what  
    the heck, man, i mean, why does it    
         sound like this? there's         
        like some useable sounds        
      three flat out weird sounds       
      and one drum kit that's whack