: Coffee :        
 You  Drink  This  Thing  When  You  Want 
              To Get Fast             
         Gotta Go With Speed          
 Rink   This    ThiHen    Yo     
 Side effects - Cofe Makes You Think   
    Too   Quickyou   Dance    
 Over   The    Meaning       Ofthings, 
    Not       Able      To      Grasp 
  And  The  Sense   The Impression 
 That    Doom   Is        Coming 
 Different  Different D 
 Types    Of   Coffee:   Freshly   Brewed 
 Revitalized   Envigorated   Grinded  And 
 Reborn Bean Tea Plant Blood      
  Wait A  Day  And  It  Acquires  New 
 Slimy     And     Elusive      Qualities 
     Dreamy  Energy.  But You  Need 
 To               Wait                 
 A Day Or More.                           
 Not Sure Where The Border Is. When Itbe  
 Comes This Other Kind Of Brew   
 And Furthermore,                        
 Sleep Is A Cunning Thing, It Lingers     
    But You Can Shoo It Away With Drink   
             ...For A While...            
 It Actually Is Quite Expensive But They  
      Give It To You For Free, In The     
  Work mill. This Means You Are Probably  
    Getting Tricked Somehow. Are They     
           Stealing Your Sleep?