a little critter can    
    be held in your hand.   
     open its capsule to ressurect it     
   (letting it breathe real air for the   
   first time activates its metabolism)   
      and there's your tiny creature!     
 you can put it in situations,            
 you can dress it up,                     
 and you can eat it. (completely safe,    
                        and a lot of fun! 
                 they're very delicious.) 
  the capsule critters are concieved by   
      our skillful bioengineers, and      
      mass-produced in three factory      
  locations. after quality testing, they  
   are shipped to various distribution    
 centers,  and from there  to your  local 
 a single creature toy/snack  can be used 
 for about  two  weeks, if  fed  properly 
 with  sugary water, before it  runs  out 
       of nutrients. (nutrients are       
 proprietary and not sold to  end-users).