Bitcoin Is A  Crypto Coin,  Crypto  Here 
 Meaning "Hidden",  Because This Money Is 
 Invisible, Intangible (Yet Still Real)!  
 This Is A Symptom Of It  Only Living  On 
 The Internet - In  Fact, If You  Were To 
 Remove A Bitcoin From  The Mainframe, It 
     Would Immediately Die And Become     
 It Works  Like This:  If  You Make  Your 
 Computer  Create  A  Lot  Of Heat,  It'S 
 Rewarded  With  Bitcoin, As  A Token  Of 
       Gratitude From Time'S Arrow.       
 Then  Every Other Computer Has To Sign A 
 Document Stating  That Those  Coins  Are 
 Actually Yours.  You Can  Then Send Them 
 To Others,  Generating  A  New  Document 
           For Everyone To Sign.          
 And Because  You'Re  Knee  Deep Now, You 
 Have  To   Sign  A   Lot   Of  Documents 
 Yourself,  And Keep  Track Of Who Signed 
 What, And Look  For  Forged  Signatures, 
 And  Probably  Forge  A  Few Yourself... 
 Also,  In  The  End   It  Doesn'T  Work.