ok this  is  so weird  for  me,  hold on 
 i'm in  a  funnel, i'm in  one of  those 
      speed meter things, i'm zooming     
     through, never reaching the end      
 and  now the wind  is  consciousness and 
 the funnel  is my body - when i'm inside 
 i  fail to  see  that i'm  all the  same 
           thing, we're the same          
 one  winter  day  i  think  year  twenty 
 eleven or maybe  earlier, possibly  much 
 earlier, i walked out alone on  the lake 
 following   a    fox   trail,   a   thin 
 snow-covered ice,  a  stupid  girl,  and 
 the fox  wraps his tail  around me, it's 
 impossibly large, and i'm  burrowed,  it 
       feels nice, and that's that