Diesel, Another    
  One Of Earth'S Forbidden  
    Liquids (Tied Strongly To   
   Earth Due To Being Made Of Oil   
  (Oil Is The Philosophers  
       Stone, Btw)      
 So It'S A                        
 Fuel, Right?                     
 We Can  Run Generators And Robot Canines 
 And  Stuff On  This Shit.  Hard  To Find 
 Due  To  Half-Assed  "Attempts"  To Stop 
 Global Warming,  But Easy To Steal  Once 
 Found  -  You  Don'T Even  Have  To Hack 
 Anything (Might Have To Taste It Though) 
 Best  To  Search  At   Night,   Roadside 
 Trucks And Lorries Are Already  Emptied. 
 Hidden Vehicle  Graveyards  Out  In  The 
 Desert Perhaps,  If  The Dragons  Didn'T 
 Get  To  Them   First.  People'S  Yards, 
 Fenced   In.  Those  Towns   Were   Some 
 Company    Owned   (And   Fenced    Off, 
 Important!) Entire  Parts  Of It... They 
 Would Usually Have A Fleet  Of Vehicles.